I'm dedicated to partnering with women to help them reach the next level in their business through branding and web design. With a background in digital marketing, I've seen first hand how having a strong brand presence positively impacts revenue.

I'm passionate about the success of women in business and wondered - what if I put everything I know into the women like me who are creating life changing businesses. Now I've traded managing 6-figure ad budgets for strategizing with 6-figure small businesses.

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HERE WE build BRANDS, break MOLDS AND boost YOUR ONLINE influence.

We're humans first. I believe connection is one of the keys to a successful design project. Here I'll treat you with compassion and care because we all need a little sunshine.

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Think salmon. We don't mind swimming upstream. Each brand has a spark that makes them different, and my job is to pull that out of you and showcase it digitally.

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Each rebrand is formulaic and handcrafted with strategy first. There's tons of research that goes into each design to ensure perfection.

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I move back home for another Producer role, and... they rescind the offer the day before I start. Alone in my childhood room in my parent's house, I decided I had to make my own income and try my hand at creating a design studio. With a laptop I bought on Mercari and an Adobe subscription, I got to work.


I graduated college with a Bachelor's in Mass Communications (TV Production). I applied to so many agency positions, but no one would hire me. I eventually got a job as a digital producer for a media company and found my way into the digital marketing world. While managing the social media, I would make graphics for Instagram, and my obsession grew.


While I've never been formally schooled for design, Iike to think I got my start in design in high school. I went to a magnet science program where we had to present science board projects about twice a month. I would GO ALL OUT on these. Sticker, fabic, clay, whatever it was to get my point across. I never went to design school in college but I kept that in mind


Today, I've found my groove working with women-led small businesses. I've worked on many projects and am grateful for the type of impact I'm able to make in the online space.


My Design Journey


Packing up my things and moving to Guatemala for 3 months and hiking an active Volcano. 

my happiest memory


'East Atlanta Love Letter' x 6lack
Trap R&B never fails me.

if i could listen to only one album forever


A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Devil Wears Prada,
and a Peach Moscato



Quitting my job, starting my own business, and nomad traveling!

my biggest accomplishment is...


Sushi, Crab Boils, Boba Tea (Taro Specifically)

THings I could eat (or Drink) every. single. day.

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