black brand + web designer looking to the side over quote that says, "you're not attracting ideal clients, here's why."

You’re Not Attracting Ideal Clients. Here’s Why.

black brand + web designer looking to the side over quote that says, "you're not attracting ideal clients, here's why."

Whenever I hear someone say they aren’t attracting high-end clients, ‘luxury clients’, r whatever buzz word seems to be trending lately, I can almost always pin point it down to two issues: messaging & branding.

How many of you know about the Branding Domino Effect? It can happen whether your brand is in or out of alignment with your target audience.

For my people who feel like they are struggling to attract the right type of clients to their offer, this effect might be at play.

Many people think, ‘If they build it, they will come’, but that’s almost never the case. There needs to be some serious strategy involved to get the RIGHT people to come.

Follow me for second. Let’s say you work with a designer (or DIY) to create your brand messaging, logo suite, fonts, colors, etc. If your brand and website was designed and strategized correctly, then your ideal clients will interact and engage with your business. They’ll book and you’ll get to continue serving the people you intended.

HOWEVER, when you miss that brand messaging from the GATE, I can pretty much guarantee you everything after that is misaligned. ❌❌❌ In either example there’s a domino that will happen. How you plan for your brand will affect everything there after. Those series of steps has a lot to do with the type of clients you’ll attract.

If you brand messaging is offer -> then your branding (logo, fonts, colors, mood) are misaligned. And I want to point out, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a horrible design. There can be tons of designs that are cute, but miss the mark in terms of strategy. They may be resonating with the wrong audience, or portraying a vibe that is completely off from your intended brand values.

When you branding is off -> your brand photoshoot will be misaligned as well because your branding should be driving the photoshoot. When your photoshoot is off -> your website is 100% jacked up because you now don’t have the visuals or messaging needed to convert your clients. ?‍?

So now you’ve wasted a bunch of money, or even worse – time, on a brand + website that isn’t converting for your audience.

It’s so important to work with a designer than can help you flesh out not only the looks of your business but the messaging and strategy behind those decisions to ensure you have a strong foundation to forward with.

I talk about this more on my IGTV. Click the link to view the video and tell me what you think!

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