Showit Vs Squarespace? Which is Better for Your Business Needs?

Chances are you’re in the process of building a website and need to pick between Showit vs. Squarespace. How exciting! If you’re looking for a website builder, there’s a look of things to consider: design, user experience, capabilities, etc. I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each website builder and hopefully help you make the best choice for your website!

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Differences With Each Platform

Squarespace and Showit are similar in the fact that they both are template-based web builders. When you sign up for an account with each web builder, you’ll be prompted to choose from one of their many website templates. They both serve service-based business owners and provide customization abilities for their users. But the two are still quite different and provide different benefits.

Showit vs. Squarespace: Customization

When it comes to customization, Showit wins hands down. Both website builders allow you to create unique websites, however, the ease of creating those customizations vary by platform. Showit is completely code-free. It’s a fully drag-and-drop platform. That means, you can place an image, text, or element anywhere on the page and it will appear exactly like that on the website. This is especially helpful because you can create more complex and fun designs on Showit since there aren’t as many limitations. 

On the other hand, on Squarespace, you build-in blocks. Any other customizations you want to make, you’d have to start going into the realm of custom code. This can get tricky, but also expensive.

Showit vs. Squarespace: Easy to Use

At first, Squarespace has the advantage. This platform is straightforward and easy to swap images, fonts, etc. However, as you start going into more intricate designs, the ease starts to decline. As I mentioned earlier about code, there are limitations with Squarespace that don’t exist on Showit. Showit has more of a learning curve. It takes a while to understand where certain tools are in the dashboard, but once you do learn it, your creative freedom goes through the roof.

Showit vs. Squarespace: Blogging

If you’re looking for a simple site with a blog, Showit is a great option. Showit runs its blog on WordPress, so you have the ability to manage your SEO there. There are also different tiers to their plans so more advanced blogs are able to add a variety of plugins to their website. This includes plugins to include ads, membership platforms, and more.

Squarespace also has a great blog, what I mainly love is that blogging is done entirely in-house. Showit starts to get pricing as your needs increase due to their tiered plans. Squarespace becomes the more affordable option here!

Showit vs. Squarespace: Hosting

Both platforms provide hosing. Squarespace allows you to purchase a domain from them as well. Squarespace wins here because you’re there are no limitations on bandwidth. Again, Showit starts to get a bit more expensive as more people get onto your site. So if you’re looking for an affordable choice, Squarespace is the winner.

Showit vs. Squarespace: E-Commerce

Showit has no E-commerce capabilities. Squarespace allows you to do everything in-house on their platform. However, you’re able to add applications like Thrivecart or ShopifyLite to create those e-commerce capabilities. I will say this, as a web designer, I will always tell purely e-commerce businesses to build their shops on Shopify. As you grow and scale Shopify is the only platform that will continue to support you. If you have small digital products, then staying on a platform like Showit or Squarespace is ideal.

Showit vs. Squarespace: SEO

For SEO I’m going to say both platforms allow you to index pages on Google and optimize your site for ranking. However, since Showit is integrated with WordPress I do believe your SEO capabilities are stronger on this platform. 

Showit Website Examples

Now, I made sure I gave a fair pros and cons list for both platforms. Starting out, Squarespace may be a good option because a lot of things are in the house and it is hard for you to mess up your template due to the limits on customizations. However, if you want a site with endless creative freedom, Showit is definitely the platform for you. 

I’m not only a Showit website designer, but I’m also a Showit Design Partner. That means I’m one of Showit’s hand-selected designers they trust to refer clients to. So, I know a thing or two. I want to show you the awesome websites you’re able to create in Showit due to all the creative freedom.

Photographer Showit Website

We created Nabu’s website in Showit and the live website looks exactly like the mockup. Nabu loves how easy it is to make changes, and add pages without being restricted to builder blocks.

woman standing in front of a mockup of a colorful showit website

Life Coach / Therapist Showit Website

website screenshot of texan millennial therapist built on showit

Business Coach Showit Website

website screenshot for digital marketing coach made on showit

Signing Up For Showit

If you decide Showit is the platform for you, here’s a code to get your first month free : ILEALAFIA! And if you want to talk more about having us design your website, please reach out to us by filling out our inquiry form.

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