project scope

branding & website

PLANTED is a NYC vegan eatery. Their goal is to create quality artisan meals without any of the meat.

They wanted a brand identity that set them apart from their competitors in New York, yet still conveyed the store culture in a fresh new way.

brand colors

target audience

Planted targets edgy individuals looking for great tasting vegan meals. They also target men and women who have not been convinced that meals can taste great without the meat.

To convey this emotion, we chose very emotive colors. These colors reflected some the diverse colors of fresh ingredients, but with the edginess needed to draw in that ideal client.



What better way to drive the soil bred movement, than to implement vegetable icons? The sketch elements seemly integrated the edginess the brand wanted to portray.

The goal of the website is to create awareness of the brand, and present menu options for visitors. We made sure we designed the site to fit the branding we developed, and it's safe to say we nailed it!