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Personal Branding Photoshoot Tips to Stand Out and Attract Clients

I provide tips to help you plan your personal branding photoshoot.It happens all the time, a client reaches out for me to design a website. They’re all ready to get the project started, send over their photos, and… it’s a disaster. Most times there are only product shots or pure headshots. Clearly, there wasn’t a strategic personal branding photoshoot, which means – it needs to be done again. If not, your site and brand, in general, will suffer.

The Importance of a Personal Branding Photoshoot

A strategic personal branding photoshoot is important. Brands spend hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars for quality images. Excellent imagery establishes credibility, increases conversion rates, and helps position brands in the best light. So believe me, they are important. Unfortunately, the problem is that most of you forget to maximize your photoshoot and often leave without getting everything needed to develop a successful site.

It takes a lot to convince someone to buy your high-ticket offer. As a result, I tell my clients that a personal branding photoshoot is necessary for the rebranding process. If I’m being frank, a branding shoot is mandatory. But don’t fret, not without help from their brand designer.

Choose A Photographer that Fits the Goals of Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

  • Everyone is not for everyone. You have a certain set of people you serve through your brand, and the same goes for photographers. Therefore, choose a photographer that will bring your brand aesthetic to life. By the time you meet with a photographer, all of your branding elements should be done. You should have your logo, your brand colors, fonts, etc. You should be VERY clear on the ‘vibe’ your brand emits and who your brand serves. For instance, are you a light and airy brand? If so, you need a brand photographer that does great in natural light. Is your brand edgy and emotive? Then a fashion photographer would be your best bet. You need to be clear on your brand as a whole, then find a photographer that can continue on that vision. I often find photographers through Instagram. A quick hashtag search specific to cities generally narrows down the hunt.
  • Oftentimes, people start a product collection and jump straight into a branding photoshoot. You have a vision, your photographer has a vision, and your ideal client is more than likely NOT in the mix.

Create a Mood Board/Shot List to help Guide the Photographer

  • You’ve found the photographer that makes your heart sing, great! Now it’s time to PLAN. If you’ve worked with a brand designer before, then you should already have a mood board. I provide one for each of my rebrand clients. If not, no worries. Head to Pinterest to gather some inspiration. Create a board that recreates the overall mood for the photoshoot so that you and your photographer are on the same page. More importantly, with your business in MIND, create a shot list so that you can maximize your photoshoot. This is where most people fall short. Photoshoots are expensive – OK?! People book a photographer, secure a location, hire a stylist, and book models plus hair/makeup (if you’re an e-commerce brand). Who has time to keep spending thousands of dollars on a shoot when you can get it right the first time?
  • Every brand should have a mix of branded/product shots and lifestyle shots. You have to post on social media, right? You’re going to need to switch out that Shopify banner at some point. Make sure you get all the shots you need so that you can stretch them out for as long as possible.

A personal branding photoshoot takes strategy and intention. I create mood boards for my clients to guide the photographer on the day of the photoshoot.



Location: A Personal Branding Photoshoot Requires a Good One

  • I don’t care what anyone says. Whether a personal brand or retail brand, a business is selling you a lifestyle. Your location has EVERYTHING to say about the type of lifestyle you’re portraying. Are you upscale? Therefore, why are you trying to shoot at your local park? Oak trees and city neon signs don’t scream luxury. As a result, you can’t be surprised when your ideal clients aren’t moved to invest in your ‘luxury’ price point.
  • Some photographers offer location scouting in their budget but also take it upon yourself to narrow down some locations that can help create the ambiance your brand promises. Once you’ve landed on a few – ASK FOR PERMISSION. Don’t be that brand that gets security called to politely escort you off the property because you didn’t ask for permission to use the location.
  • Major Tip: I always start my location research on Peerspace when creative directing a rebrand. They provide ample pictures, props provided, and sometimes reviews. When planning for your personal branding photoshoot start on Peerspace. When you sign up using my affiliate link you’ll receive $50 off your first booking

Rebrand Photography says soo much about your business. To be taken seriously, it’s an investment you have to make. Maximize that investment by using the tips I suggested above. Don’t think I’m going to leave you hanging! A solid personal branding photoshoot first needs a strong brand personality. You need a stunning brand aesthetic to drive the photoshoot. Discover your brand aesthetic to aid in planning your branding shoot by taking my brand personality quiz.

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