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Long Form Sales Page, And Why You Need One

I'll tell you why you need a long form sales page, and how you can create your own quickly through the use of a long form sales page template.

I’m about to shake the table with this one, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway. Every entrepreneur, especially service-based entrepreneurs, doesn’t need a full 4-5 page website for their business. Instead, they need a long form sales page template. It may sound crazy coming from a brand and web designer, but I’ll tell you why.

Every entrepreneur, especially service-based entrepreneurs, doesn’t need a full 4-5 page website for their business.

Only one page that matters when it comes to selling your high-ticket signature offer (I’m talking 4-figures and above). That’s your long form sales page. Service providers with multiple offers benefit most from a full website. Established women with personal brands also benefit from a full website. But those just starting out, or launching a course/service need a long form sales page before a full website.

What Is a Sales Page? What Is a Signature Offer?

Your signature offer is whatever service you are known for as a service provider. For example, as a female web designer, my signature service is my rebrand package (brand and web design). A branding coach serves her clients through her 8-week accelerator program. A trademark attorney fulfills her signature offer through a done-for-you trademark service package. It’s whatever your go-to service is as an expert in your field. This is usually a 4-figure service.

A sales page is a page that’s solely dedicated to SELLING that signature offer. Let’s break that down using an example, and how a long form sales page comes into play. I’m going to define who you are in this scenario and what you’re offering as a service.

Defining You As A Service Provider

Who: Heartbreak Coach

Signature Service: 12-Week Program for young millennials dealing with heartbreak and needing support moving on.

Now let’s say you are launching the program in 4-6 weeks. You’ve planned out your social media content, that’s the first part of your sales funnel: traffic, attention-grabbing content. But where do all those people go once they hop off your live or IG post? Usually your ‘link in bio’. They aren’t heading to your bio to find your about page, they usually are looking for a page specifically dedicated to your heartbreak program so they can learn more details. That’s it! That’s the ONLY page that really matters.

Your long form sales page piggybacks off of the marketing you have done to prep them for the sale and convince them to make the decision to ‘add to cart’ and check out.

Back to our example. You finished your LIVE on the ‘Top 3 Mistakes Millennials Make When Healing After a Breakup’ and told them about your program. In a perfect world, you tell them to use the link in your bio to learn more able your program – which will be your sales page. Thankfully, the long form sales page does the heavy lifting to encourage them to complete the sale.

Why Long Form Sales Pages Work

A long form sales page takes your buyer through the entire buyer’s journey in one page. Essentially, it is an entire website sandwiched in one!

A long form sales page takes your buyer through the entire buyer’s journey in one page.

You usually start off with their biggest pain point. Maybe they fear they are going to die alone or fear they’ll never find a meaningful connection after the breakup. Whatever that core problem is, you’ll have it on display near the top. Once they see their biggest pain point looking at them dead in the eyes, they’ll continue to scan down the page until it’s time for them to make a choice at the final call to action.

Inbetween you point out their pain point and your final call to action, you’re telling them common reasons why their heartbreak is happening. You’re providing the most common mistakes you see Millennials make when they are dating or healing. You’ll let them know what’s possible for them on the other side, and you’ll position your expertise by showing how you’re qualified to be the one to guide them on this journey to healing.

All of those sections of the long form sales page are essentially broken pieces of your website, but they are all there to convert your buyer.

What Service Providers Struggle With When Creating a Long Form Sales Page

Where I see service providers go wrong is trying to do it all themselves, AND make it aesthetically pleasing so that it attracts clients and represents their brand well.

Too many service providers waste MONTHS trying to DIY their website. You know I’m talking to you! ? You picked a builder online and selected the website template that looked closest to what you were going for, but it’s been 3 months and you still hate your website. You don’t really know what to add, and quite frankly you’re over the whole process.


Your launch is coming up in a few weeks. You’ve hacked together a long form sales page that you aren’t proud of, but might get the job done, and you’ve exhausted yourself during another launch period. Plus, hate how it looks, but it was the best you can do. In both scenarios, you’re stressed and still don’t get what you want: a beautiful website AND conversion.

I have seen way too many people waste time:

  • Trying to attract ideal clients to their offer because they spend so much time trying to do the website themselves
  • Struggle to DIY a website that brings in little to no money
  • Struggle to be seen as a trusted expert by their audience

But I can tell you right now that is because you’re wasting time on the wrong things. Often times:

  • Messaging isn’t clear
  • The signature offer isn’t primed for the sale
  • Your DIY website is NOT positioning your expertise to make you money

So What’s The Solution? A Long Form Sales Page Template

If I’m telling you that a good amount of service providers only need a long form sales page, yet you’re stressed trying to put it together, what’s the answer?

A long form sales page template. As a designer, I’ve made multiple websites, as well as long form sales pages. I know the elements needed to convert a website, as well as what’s needed to attract idea clients visually. I created my template shop for women like you who don’t want to sacrifice either doing it themselves.

There are three long form sales page templates: Reyna, Shae, and Meisha. They each have their own personalities and included are the sections needed to sell your signature offer. They are built on Showit, and easy to use drag-and-drop platform that’s perfect for websites.

I provide the prompts needed to fill out each section of the page as well as supporting pages: webinar sign-up page, opt-in, etc. I even recorded tutorial videos for you to view if you ever get stuck. See the ladies below!

Three white ipads showing long form sales page templates made by Ile Alafia Design Co. From left to right, there is Shae (pink and red), Reyna (orange and blue), and finally Meisha (pink and blue).
Above are my three long form sales page templates to help you get your page up and running in as little as a day!
Meet Shae, Reyna, and Meisha (L to R)

DIY The Right Way With A Long Form Sales Page Template

I understand everyone doesn’t have 3 months to spare when working on a rebrand with me. And some clients lack the budget to invest as well. I created my long form sales page templates because I want women to continue making money, without it breaking the bank first.

Launch with strategy and style. Check out the long form sales page template shop! Even better, if you want to save 15% on your purchase get your code here!

DIY right with your brand’s best interest at heart. Don’t fall for the hype. Everyone doesn’t need a 4-5 website page, especially if they are starting out with their first offer, or on a time crunch to launch. Launch smart, without sacrificing any of the visuals.

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