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What a Bright Color Palette Says About Your Brand

When building a brand, color is one of the most important elements. Colors can evoke certain emotions and feelings, and they can be used to communicate the values and attributes of a brand. A bright color palette shows your inviting and cheery. A brand’s color palette is a key part of its visual identity. Don’t get super caught up on the logo, I would argue your colors and typography have the biggest impact on the outcome of your brand. Let’s talk more about what these colors mean and how to build your own.

What Bright Colors Means in Design

A bright color palette is often associated with brands that are fun, youthful, and energetic. Bright colors are often used in children’s products and toys, as they are known to capture attention and stand out.

Don’t get worried though, bright colors can also be used in a more sophisticated way. When used in combination with other colors, they can create a high-impact, stylish, and modern look. It’s all about how the colors come together with the rest of the brand

How And When to Use a Bright Color Palette

The first thing you should do when creating your brand is consider your ideal client. This is the person you are trying to serve as a client or customer after all, so it should be all about them. Write down their wants, likes, and interests. Generally, audiences that go for brighter color palettes enjoy youthful and high-energy aesthetics.

I used a bright and vibrant color palette for my client Nabu. She’s a Chicago Photographer and wanted a website that really showed off her personality. As I mentioned above, we started with her ideal client and built from there. Her clients want a high-energy photographer that emits cheer and happiness. After mapping her brand identity, we pulled colors that would emit those feelings and applied those same colors to her website. Below you can see her finished website. It’s vibrant, but not childish or immature. You can still craft a beautiful modern website without compromising.

woman standing in front of a mockup of a colorful showit website
Showit website design using a bright summer color palette.

To prepare for her photoshoot I also created a style guide to keep her in the bright palette we created. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just inject pops of color here and there. This can mean a shirt or a bright bag. I can also mean bringing bright colored pens and mugs to your shoot as well.

outfit moodboard for brand photoshoot
Here is a brand mood board for a Showit website client who wanted a modern bright color palette.

How to Build a Modern Bright Color Palette

The first place I suggest you turn to is Pinterest. There are tons of inspirational images on the platform. What you’re going to what to do is create a board dedicated to your brand and pin images that fall in line with the bright aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Find a mix of images. Save home decor, fancy cocktails, outfits, and any bright branding you may see. What this does is give you a place to dump all of your findings. After pinning about 20-30 images you should see a trend. What colors appear the most? Are they in combination with other colors? Drag those images to a site like Canva and use the eyedropper tool to pull those colors.

This is a mood board made for a Showit website client that features a bright color palette.

Do you see how we found the common colors that appeared and pulled them from the images? These colors were pulled from various types of images as I mentioned before.

If you find one solid image that has a color palette you love you can use this cheat code. Use sites like Image Color Picker to help you grab colors that appear in the same image. Generally, you want about 2 bright colors and 2-3 neutral colors so your palette is balanced.

mockup of digital marketer standing in front of orange and pink website mockup

In the end, you should be able to create a brand and website that emits that warm, vibrant personality you’re known for.

Find Your Brand Aesthetic

I know it can get frustrating trying to do everything yourself. Thankfully, I’ve created a quiz that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Find the perfect brand personality for your business and get the clarity you need.


Today we learned about the power of a bright color palette. We also discussed what it means in design and how to craft your own palette. If you’re looking to create a brand and website as beautiful as our clients, I recommend reaching out. You could always do it yourself, but you may not do it well.

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