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Branding Presentation: Client Revisions, Aren’t Always Bad

It’s no surprise, that one of my most popular blog posts is about my method for cutting down client revisions. I spoke in detail about the success of a solid branding presentation. Which brand designer doesn’t want advice on how to avoid scope creep, or that endless back and forth email chain between you and your client?

I Have a New Outlook on Client Revisions

I get it. Similarly, I struggled and searched for a solution. However, I wanted to revisit this topic. In the past year and a half, a lot of things have changed, including my brand presentation process. Ironically, as I’ve continued to get more clients, I’ve started to receive more revisions. Granted, it’s not a ton of revisions. They are usually solved after one more round, two at the max. However, I was really resistant as first. The ‘One Concept Method’ works well to create strong brand identities for my clients. As a result, I still implement that method. However, as time has passed I’ve come to embrace the idea of clients partnering with designers in the process. I’ve also come to enjoy the evolution of a rebrand.

Above all, it’s important for your clients to trust our expertise as their brand designer. They come to us for a reason right? First draft approvals light me up like no other. However lately, working through client revisions often creates stronger work. Refined rebrands provide the solutions my clients come to me to address.

Client Branding Presentation – Initial Stages

Using one of my recent rebrands as an example: Jazmine Kionna (www.jazminekionna.com). Jazmine came to me because she has this AMAZING line of vegan leather pumps. Meant to be worn by the everyday woman, they provide a luxurious look on a practical budget.

Initially, when we first spoke, I took some time to develop what I call my client’s “It Girl” or their “ideal client profile”. Jazmine’s ideal client is a very eclectic woman. As a result, she loves vibrant colors and quality clothing, but also considers the planet, and craves more sustainable clothing. I generally ask my clients for a few influencers who represent the brand well if they ever did a brand collaboration and she mentioned Tenicka Boyd. Tenicka doesn’t shy away from color or funky prints. Naturally, I love her attitude and sense of style. In the initial branding presentation, I channeled her vibe and ran with it. Here’s what I came up with below.

In Jazmine Kionna's initial branding presentation I presented their ideal client profile, a Manhattan woman how values style and sustainability.
When crafting the ideal client profile, I take the client’s demographics and psychographics into consideration. This serves as the driving point for the brand aesthetic, without the entire rebrand would fail to attract the right clients.
I used this as a website mockup as a part of the brand presentation. It shows a funky branding mockup of the vibrant sustainable shoe brand.
To help clients visualize their future branding, I often create website mockups. Without branding images, I pull images from Pinterest to drive the point across. Once we finish brand photography in phase two of the rebrand, I create an actual website mockup.

Hearing the Branding Presentation Feedback

The first round concept screamed bright, energetic, and fun. I worked with an illustrator to create custom leafy elements to support the eco-friendly vibe. Well… Jazmine hated it. She mentioned it leaned too playful and thought the website was what she needed in terms of personality. However, she also mentioned that it veered farther from the luxury aspect. All in all, she wanted to explore a more minimal and modern aesthetic.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed.

“Man,” I said, “My one concept branding presentation usually always gets approved, what’s the problem?”

Initially, my reaction was to consider that my client was in the wrong. Realistically though, the truth was, this was a great opportunity to dig deeper and create something more magical for the brand. It was okay that my client had feedback. It didn’t mean I was any less of a designer. Collaboration is needed in a rebrand.

Her Revisions Guided The New Branding Presentation

I tinkered with her branding again. It required 3 rounds, but and by the 3rd round of revisions, a new Jazmine Kionna was born. It oozed high fashion and minimalism. Everything from the logo, brand colors, photography, and website screamed luxury. I carefully revised each aspect of the brand with intense intention and it showed. Seeing what we came up with at the conclusion of the rebrand, I’m not sure my initial draft would have really hit their target audience the same way and with the same effect. The final version justified their price point. The rebrand also asserted Jazmine Kionna’s position in the sustainable shoewear space.

The was the final logo concept presented in the Jazmine Kionna branding presentation.
Jazmine Kionna Logo. Jazmine and her mother, Daisy were both named after flowers, we honored that through the emblem that connects her first name to her middle name.
In the final brand presentation of Jazmine Kionna, we provided the Shopify website mockup.
Jazmine Kionna website. It was built on Shopify and customized to meet her brand/website needs.
When creating a branding presentation it's important to also create a social media guideline. This is the one we came up with for Jazmine Kionna.
Every rebrand we provide social media suggestions. Here we mocked up what Jazmine’s brand would look like in the middle of a given social media campaign, while still following brand guidelines.
This was a part of the packaging mockup included in the branding presentation for Jazmine Kionna.
These were the final shoe samples Jazmine Kionna sent over with the logo we created from her branding presentation.
Jazmine sent me these images of her shoe samples after I handed off the logo to her. It was surreal seeing my work on a real-life product. – Image provided by Jazmine Davis.

What I’ve Changed In My Rebranding Process

I no longer do brand questionnaires. They usually don’t dig deep enough, and most clients rush them anyway. I hop on a 60-90 minute zoom call and ask thought-provoking questions. For future reference, I record the call and write the notes in a Google Doc to help me remember any ‘ah-ha’ moments we had on the call.

We focus more on learning their ideal client psychographics. I take a look at the places they often hang out to see what the “culture” is like. Spending more time researching the many avenues possible for a brand and narrowing it down based on what I spoke about with my client makes for a successful brand shoot.

Above all, designers provide the solutions clients need to successfully brand their business. It’s not always about getting a branding presentation concept approved with no changes. In sum, there’s so much beauty in the revision process that I have come to now appreciate, and dare I say… expect. It’s the best designers that know how to apply the information they’ve drawn out from their clients, and turn it into a living breathing brand that fulfills the brief!

In conclusion, the rebranding process continues to stretch me as a designer. As a result, I walk away with work I’m proud to share and speak on. To see more of my work, view my portfolio.

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