I'm showing you different brand personality examples using websites of my rebrand clients. There is a branding archetype quiz to take at the end.

Brand Personality Examples For Female Entrepreneurs [Branding Quiz]

Strong brand archetypes are the driving force of many of the known brands you know today. They connect businesses to their ideal clients. Those very same connections elicit an emotional response. It’s in those strong emotional ties that a client buys. But what about personal brands? Every personal brand should have a strategy around its brand archetypes.

When I’m crafting a rebrand for my clients, I often reference this theory and create what I call branding personalities. In a minute I’ll explain all that goes into crafting a strong brand personality and provide brand personality examples to help you see what these personalities look like when executed. I’ll even include a quick branding quiz for you to complete if you stick around until the end.

What is A Branding Personality?

A branding personality is the living breathing soul of your brand. Think of it as your brand personified. It drives your brand’s messaging, branding colors, typography, branding photography, and more. Your branding personality serves as the bridge between your ideal clients and your brand. When you’ve successfully nailed your branding personality, you’ll find that you start attracting ideal clients effortlessly. If you need help defining your ideal client, take a look here. If you already know your ideal client well, keep reading.

For example, let’s say your brand’s personality is rebellious. As a result, your messaging would be vulgar and driven by edgy pop culture. Your brand colors would contain quite a bit of contrast. It would demand attention with its eye-catching graphics. The typography may be sharp, and edgy. While your brand photography would be riddled with lots of leather, dark makeup, and sulky models. This would be completely different if say your brand personality leaned more boho and whimsical. It’s so important to know the different types of branding personalities, and which one applies to your business because it has everything to do with the message you send to your audience.

Types of Brand Personalities

When working with personal brands, I categorize each business into categories based on their ideal client, and future goals. It’s important to keep your ideal client top of mind. If you make the mistake of building your personal brand around all the things you want, you may find yourself showing up rebellious and edgy while your ideal clients are looking for whimsical service providers.

With personal brands, I find my clients generally fall within these 3 categories. Trust me, there are more, but when speaking to coaches, photographers, and other service providers, there are the similarities I’ve seen.

Fresh Brand Personality

Exhibits optimism, transparency, human connection, and holistic living.

Personal brands that have a fresh personality generally have clients that value their ‘down to earth’ qualities. They promote their love for human connection and truly enjoy being a brand that’s centered and focused on a heartfelt mission. Fresh brands don’t need a ton of ‘fluff’ in their branding. They value the clean and minimal.

I find that most of the clients who fall into the fresh brand personality are my wellness coaches and health professionals. These can be mental health professionals, personal development authors, and/or health guides. The colors may vary based on their ideal client. However, generally, we stay within very natural palettes. Their colors either create a sense of eco-conscious, and sustainability or create a sense of trust and peace. I’ll show more brand personality examples of each below.

Sassy Brand Personality

Vibrant and expressive. This brand personality seeks exploration of creativity. It values relatability. She loves a great time and doesn’t mind being the loud person in the room. You can say the Sassy brand personality is a bit of a rebel.

Most clients that fall into the sassy brand personality have BIG personalities. I can sense it immediately on the call, and so can their audience. They usually are not one to shy away from color and command a ton of attention online. Their ideal clients appreciate a mix of pop culture and trending fashion. When I ask these clients what their audience enjoys doing on the weekends, they almost always say brunch. ?

Let’s set the scene: imagine an Atlanta or Houston brunch. There is a DJ outside playing the latest hits. There’s a nearby table of young men and women passing around the hookah. And if you turn your head ever so slightly towards the center of the room, there’s one woman captivating the crowd with her infectious laugh. Most times, that’s this client.

Their branding doesn’t have to be obnoxious. My clients aim to appear professional. In the coming brand personality examples, you’ll see how I showcase them as the brightest expert in the room without appearing tacky.

Chic Brand Personality: 

Polished and poised. The brand personality enjoys a modern aesthetic. It values class, minimalism, and intentionality.

The clients that fall into the chic branding personality are often after a very posh aesthetic. Luxury markets serve as their core audience. Aesthetics come first and must be built with intention. These clients are often in the beauty industry. That includes makeup artists, stylists, content creators, etc. They’re not afraid of black, in fact, it’s one of their core colors. However, their brand doesn’t need to be as ‘loud’ as the sassy aesthetic. Think of this personality as modern-day Audrey Hepburn. You’ll see some of the brand personality examples below.

Brand Personality Examples

Now you know the main three branding personalities. It’s time to further define each one with real-life brand personality examples. Again, I land on these branding personalities after we have completed our brand strategy call. I look over any notes I’ve made and then make a decision about moving forward with the brand. Let’s get started with one of our first brand personality examples:

Fresh Personal Branding Example

Kiki McCray // Modern Therapist & Therapy Coach

When discussing Kiki’s branding, she told me about the heavy issues her clients deal with on a daily basis. Heartbreak, mid-live crises, grief, you name it. Her clients are already hurting so they are really looking for a therapist who is going to meet them where they are.

The fresh brand personality serves as a new start for her clients. So we created an aesthetic that represented that fresh start. The tonal blue creates trust, while still asserting her as an authority in her field. Her typography is mature, yet feminine, unisex even. The abstract shapes riddled throughout the site create a cognitive feel to her brand. All these elements work together to create a calming, holistic, and fresh brand to attract clients looking for these kinds of solutions.

One of the Branding personality examples of a 'fresh' personal brand. It is center and focused on creating a calming brand identity for the client.

Sassy Personal Branding Archetype

Candace Junee // Digital Marketing Strategist

Candace is a client with a big personality. She also has clients who are drawn to those types of personalities. Remember our brunch example. Her brand capitalizes on trends and culture. We didn’t shy away from color. In fact, we embraced them.

When presenting Candace as a coach, I chose a color palette that screamed high energy. I went with shapes that positioned her as the life of the party, and approachable in business. Her audience comments on her branding all the time. That means we did a job well done.

The Candace Junée home page serves as one of the 'Sassy' brand personality examples. It's vibrant, and does a great job at capturing Candace's ideal clients.

Sassy Personal Branding Archetype Example 2

Mondays Are Beautiful // Chicago Lifestyle Photography

Nabu from ‘Mondays Are Beautiful’ is another big personality. Her brand is all about illuminating the parts of yourself that need to be captured on camera. She wanted her brand to be a place where people feel energized and welcomed to have an enjoyable branding shoot. I took that information and created a brand personality that did just that.

The Mondays Are Beautiful home page serves as one of the 'Sassy' brand personality examples. It's vibrant, colorful, and full of personality.

Chic Personal Branding Archetype

Whitney Elise Beauty | Charlotte, NC Bridal Makeup Artist

When Whitney and I spoke about her hopes for her new website, she wanted a look that was a cross between timeless/elegant, and feminine. That was the exact feeling she wanted her brides to experience when they landed on her page.

Taking that into consideration, I stuck to whispy fonts, and dark contrast. The tones remained light and rose-inspired. Just because she wanted a polished brand, it didn’t mean she had to sacrifice style.

The Whitney Elise Beauty website home page serves as one of the 'Chic' brand personality examples. It's poised, poised, and elegant. Perfect for the North Carolina bridal makeup artist.

How to Find Your Own Brand Personality | Branding Personality Quiz

Well, there you have it. We’ve gone over what defines brand personalities and addressed how your ideal client affects the process. I’ve given you tangible branding personalities examples by using my own rebrand clients. As you can see each personality evokes different feelings and emotions. You may notice even clients who share the same brand personalities differ. That’s the point. A rebrand isn’t a cookie-cutter process. There may be similarities between brands, but each one should be able to stand on its own.

I’m sure by now you’re looking through the brand personality examples trying to decide which one best suits you. What if you can know for sure? Take the brand personality quiz! In the end, you’ll receive your results and tips on how to implement changes.

Take the brand personality quiz. Review your results, and share them with me by tagging me on Instagram (@ilealafia.co)! Can’t wait to see which personality best reflects your personal brand.

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