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Bad Branding Costs More Than You Think

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I feel like I can’t fully show up how I want to because I hate how everything in my brand looks.”

I heard this the most with my clients who have personal brands. Their brand is closely tied to who they are as a person, and when they’ve evolved into something bigger, but their brand stays the same everything feels off. That, my friends, is ‘brand shame’.

Feeling Embarrassed About Your Brand Can Keep You Stuck

Brand shame can cause so much paralysis in your business, which robs you of so much potential money – you’ll be shocked. ?

But let me tell you a secret. The problem is never you. You’re the expert. You have the knowledge. The problem is how you’re presenting yourself. When I speak to women dealing with brand shame, they usually are struggling to show up. They don’t want to post because they aren’t excited about how their audience perceives them. They slow down the marketing. And eventually, their audience stops expecting them.

By you not showing up, it could lead to missing clients because we all know we eat what we kill in this crazy world of entrepreneurship.

I never want this to be a reason that you don’t show up in your business. Never. There are options.

The most obvious option is getting a rebrand. Rebrands are so important to your brand because it all caters to your ideal client. When your branding and messaging are right, not only do you feel confident to show up more in your business, but your clients are more receptive as well.

Client Results After A Rebrand

After completing a rebrand with me, I’ve had clients 4x their prices and sell their new offer. I’ve had other clients gain speaking opportunities after the launch of her website, because people could finally see her as the expert she was. Other clients have been so booked out they have a WAITING LIST!

Look at everything they could have missed out on if they stayed embarrassed, and dealing with their old brand and website.

Don’t let embarrassment in your brand be the reason why you hold yourself back. I talk about this more in the video below. Let me know if you agree.

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